Everyone loves a good story. Join Fr. James Yamauchi every Wednesday for wholesome tales for the whole family.

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Every episode is a true story. Our charaters are real people in a pickle, or on the verge of a breakthrough, or about to make an important decision.

You’ve may have about this event. You’d certainly know our hero’s name if we told you.

But we’re not going to tell you, at least not until the end.

Now the story is more than an interesting true story, it becomes a game to deduce who our hero is. Perhaps it’s a heroic soldier, or a holy martyr, or a popular entertainer, or an innovative inventor, set in the time of Rome, or the feudal days, or the age of exploration, or the industrial revolution, or even today.

Whomever the hero, whatever the place, sit back and enjoy a 5-minute true story, a wholesome tale for the whole family.


If these stories sound a lot like Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story or Mike Rowe’s The Way I Heard It, that’s because both these shows have inspired That’s the Word. Fr. James grew up listening to Paul Harvey on the radio, and John Peter more recently enjoyed Mike Rowe’s short mysteries.

It’s an honor when anyone hears an echo of these great storytellers in our work.


Most of our stories come from things we’ve heard and read over the years. Others come from listener suggestions.

Our stories tend to reflect our interests, which include Christianity, history (especially American history), movies, and weather.

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